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AnimalFindr connects you to a vast network of animal buyers and sellers across the US. With GPS geolocation, geofencing, and real-time motion tracking technology, you can purchase or sell any animal, any time, on the go. Join a national network of buyers and sellers of animals of every size, breed, and price at any time.

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Find animals within a five hundred-mile radius of wherever you travel using tracking technology that updates and refreshes as you move.


Choose your next pet, championship show animal, exotic animal or farm animal from a vast network of sellers with nearly limitless variety.


AnimalFindr allows you to view distinguished breeding and all available records and papers, while also allowing buyers and sellers to communicate about the sale in real time.


Connect and communicate instantly with in-app messaging technology that allows buyers and sellers to trade information.

How Does It Work?

With AnimalFindr, you will buy and sell with confidence on an app that supports you, no matter where you are. Our technology allows us to connect you with both your neighbors and people across the country to help you develop relationships that allow you to enjoy the bond of love between humans and animals.


Find the animals closest to you

  • Quick search for the animals you're looking for
  • Narrow your results to find exactly what want
  • Connect with sellers quick and easy

An App For Buyers, Sellers,
Breeders and Trainers


Breeders can showcase their bloodline virtually with AnimalFindr. Build your brand with an app that allows you to profit wherever you are, and wherever you go. Whether you are selling a pug, a pig, or a Pinto, we deliver you to buyers in a five hundred-mile radius that will move with you as you travel.


Trainers have an eye for talent and potential. AnimalFindr allows you, as a trainer, to explore opportunities to find the next big winner, whether you are looking for breed, disposition, athletic ability, or speed. If you train horses, cattle, or herding dogs, you are covered by our 500-mile range to find suitable buyers and sellers in your market.


AnimalFindr connects buyers and sellers across the nation for any and every pet enthusiast. Whether you are looking for a catahoula, a calico, a cobra or a cockatiel, you can search on the go as you travel, with confidence that AnimalFindr will deliver a continuous new stream of availability both at home and wherever you go.

Clients are Loving Our App

As a breeder, AnimalFindr has finally given me access to a larger network of potential buyers who are outside of the breeding world, which has been a game changer for my sales and bottom line.

My wife and I are horse trainers who travel the country looking for the next big winner. This app allows me to take a virtual look around" the cities I travel to and get pedigrees, pictures and all information. We look forward to using it now on every trip.

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